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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

What makes every girl’s wedding so special is that it’s planned around all of the beautiful, creative, unique touches that are so important to the bride (and groom).  It is the pinnacle of expressing love while sharing an intimate glimpse into the depths of your personality with all of your friends and families.  Whether it’s an outdoor country chic wedding, an oceanside celebration, or even with lions, tigers and bears (Oh My!), this time of planning should not be one that overwhelms you with other peoples’ ideas of what your wedding should be. It’s a time for you to be...

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Wedding Gowns in Film!

Via February 12-July 4, 2016: Biltmore presents another spectacular exhibition “Fashionable Romance: Wedding Gowns in Film,” featuring 41 wedding gowns and groom’s attire from major motion pictures. As impressive as the costumes are, the elaborate floral displays throughout the house (with thousands of roses) steal the show. Be transported and imagine you are arriving for a grand wedding hosted by the Vanderbilts. In addition to the big screen costumes on display inside the house, Biltmore shares mementos from Vanderbilt and Cecil family weddings and special occasions at The Biltmore Legacy in Antler Hill Village. Admire the painstaking recreation of Cornelia Vanderbilt’s...

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Wedding Cakes-Wacky to Genius!

Via Brit + Co, Cortney Clift The dress is important, the venue is crucial, but a wedding is not a wedding without a cake. After a day of dancing and congo line marching, this sugary pick-me-up is kind of why guests bother to show up. Except for, you know, the whole marriage thing. Do it big on your special day and treat everyone to a cake that’ll have them drooling for days. From the wacky to the downright jaw dropping, here are 20 of the craziest wedding cakes around.                    ...

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Incredible Haka Ceremony!

Video Credit: Westone Productions Limited Good grief! My first reaction was “What in the world is this?!” Is this some crazy prank dance from the groomsmen? Digging deeper, someone on FB described this outrageous display like this: “Such a wicked and wonderful way to celebrate the spirituality of the Maori. To people that understand what the ‘Haka’ is, this will strike a chord. Its a War Cry. It’s an offering of themselves to do whatever they can to survive or become victorious. In this application it shows the complete other side of what we know the Haka to be...

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Tree Stumps? Absolutely!

LOVE! LOVE! Love these beautiful ideas for incorporating tree stumps into the wedding decor from Deer Pearl Flowers!                                                                               CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE AND GAWK OVER THE BEAUTIFUL...

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10 Great Ways to NOT Lose Your @#%*

Amid the whirlwind of those seemingly endless last-minute preparations, take time to relax and reflect on what matters most: friends, family, and of course, fun! Whether it’s a moment of Zen by your lonesome or happy hour with the girls, every bride needs a few strategies to step out of the spotlight and enjoy the moment. 1. Load up your iPod with a “Wedding Countdown” playlist to keep you energized and positive. Think of this as your emotional pacifier—it’s basically impossible to be in a bad mood while lipsyncing to “Call Me Maybe.” If all else fails, break out...

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Attention Maid of Honor!

This post is for YOU!  Yes, you who will be planning and hosting the bridal shower! New to this? Never planned one before? Take a few minutes to be totally inspired by these incredibly helpful (but concise) DIY Network videos on bridal showers. They are bound to give you at least a jumping off point! CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEOS Featured Image:...

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17 Engagement Party Ideas!

Via Brit + Co, Ashley Lee If you’ve recently been popped the question, then you’ve probably heard these two questions pretty often: “When is the wedding?” and “When is the engagement party?” For couples who want to savor this relationship milestone, an engagement party can be a great way to scratch the celebratory itch friends and family have been harboring since the ring met your finger. Besides, you should be over-the-moon excited too! We’ve looked far and wide for the best ways to celebrate and are so stoked to present you with the coolest party themes around town. 1....

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50 Cool Traditions and Crazy Superstitions

Need some great weather on your wedding day?  How about burying some bourbon at the exact location of your wedding exactly one month from the day.  According to southern folklore, this will guarantee a rain free event!  Or what about the tradition of the Scotts not wearing underwear under their kilts?  One mother-of-the-bride made sure that tradition was squelched by buying the soon-to-be son-in-law a pair of bright yellow smiley-faced Joe Boxer underwear, and of course, presented them to him at the wedding rehearsal dinner!  Check out some more great (and not so great) traditions and superstitions in this article...

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From One Bride to Another

I will never forget standing in front of my soon-to-be husband as the pastor began speaking.  I literally whispered to myself, “Don’t miss this!”  So much time was spent preparing, and I wasn’t about to miss out on any of what really mattered because of little details I may or may not have completed before I walked down the aisle.  My one piece of advice for any bride is to keep the big picture in mind and allow yourself to be fully present on your special day.  Don’t miss this great article from that shares some more simple,...

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