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Discuss: Wedding Gifts for Modern Couples

There are several articles in the wedding web world addressing all the top wedding gifts; however, instead of trying to sell you on what we think you should buy, let’s chat a bit about your needs and wants! It used to be the new couple moving in together after their big wedding day filled their new home or apartment with all the china, housewares, and appliances they received from all the wedding guests. In fact, I can’t help but think of the early seasons of the award winning series, Mad Men, when that good china was actually put to...

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That First Date

Surprisingly, “S” called me a couple days after we re-met at the reggae bar.  We chatted a few different times, and being one of those people who literally has a visceral reaction if I have to fib or lie, I explained there was another guy that I sort of liked and he lived a couple of hours away, AND he was coming to visit me the following weekend.  “S” was good with that, which I guess was another one of those cool  things about him being older.  He didn’t feel threatened by it.  If he had, we would have...

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Discuss: The First Time Ever You Saw His Face

Twenty two years ago studying theater as a sophomore in college, a friend of mine asked if I would go with her to this guy’s house to do a script reading and help role play and experiment with different endings to the script.  That proposition in itself would make many people turn and immediately run.  Now that I think about it, “role play and experiment” sounds more like an invite to a kinky sex-capade than a legit evening of refining our acting craft!  I knew some of the other people going really well, though, so I wasn’t too concerned....

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Girl, you gotta…

...embrace the crazy!

Welcome to the happy place for stressed-out brides and their wedding parties. Kick off your shoes and wine a little, and have a few laughs while planning the big day!

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