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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

What makes every girl’s wedding so special is that it’s planned around all of the beautiful, creative, unique touches that are so important to the bride (and groom).  It is the pinnacle of expressing love while sharing an intimate glimpse into the depths of your personality with all of your friends and families.  Whether it’s an outdoor country chic wedding, an oceanside celebration, or even with lions, tigers and bears (Oh My!), this time of planning should not be one that overwhelms you with other peoples’ ideas of what your wedding should be. It’s a time for you to be...

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Wine “Rack”

                You’ve gotta love this freakin genius wine “rack”. This is hilarious and yet so good for the wine-loving bride, however something tells us this was probably invented by a man! We know grooms who have shots of whiskey in the church before they make the leap!  Wonder if anyone would be able to notice if the bride was sipping while walking down the aisle? SEE MORE...

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Love Is What It’s All About

Love is what’ it’s all about!  So if the minutia of planning the wedding overwhelms, take time to remember what brought you to this exciting place.  It’s the love you and your finance have for each other! It’s the love that brought you together, and it’s the love that will continue to grow and mature after all the wedding guests have left.  Love is what it’s all...

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Swirling Wine Makes It All Taste Fine!

Whether you are serving Au Paradis from Peter Michael Winery or your favorite Box-o-Wine at your engagement party or wedding reception, there is actually a simple art to enjoying your glass of wine! Via Vivino, By Julien Miguel Enjoying wine is one of the simplest things in the world: open, pour, sip, and enjoy. In contrast, for example, the handling of a fork and a knife for eating, as a child, takes more practice. That said, making the most of our favorite beverage is not just about drinking, like eating is not only about swallowing. Wine tasting has a...

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Girl, you gotta…

...embrace the crazy!

Welcome to the happy place for stressed-out brides and their wedding parties. Kick off your shoes and wine a little, and have a few laughs while planning the big day!

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