Whether you are serving Au Paradis from Peter Michael Winery or your favorite Box-o-Wine at your engagement party or wedding reception, there is actually a simple art to enjoying your glass of wine!

Via Vivino, By Julien Miguel

Enjoying wine is one of the simplest things in the world: open, pour, sip, and enjoy. In contrast, for example, the handling of a fork and a knife for eating, as a child, takes more practice. That said, making the most of our favorite beverage is not just about drinking, like eating is not only about swallowing. Wine tasting has a few critical steps that allow to sublimate the experience, and just as importantly, understand what’s in your glass. Swirling is one of them.

Why Do We Swirl Wine?

Wine tasting has three main phases, each using one of your senses: sight, smell, and taste. In terms of timing, swirling sits in between step one, which is sight, the visual observation of the wine, and step two, which is smell, the perception of the scents of the wine through your nose.

Swirling the wine actually has a favorable impact on all three phases of the tasting: