February 12-July 4, 2016: Biltmore presents another spectacular exhibition “Fashionable Romance: Wedding Gowns in Film,” featuring 41 wedding gowns and groom’s attire from major motion pictures. As impressive as the costumes are, the elaborate floral displays throughout the house (with thousands of roses) steal the show. Be transported and imagine you are arriving for a grand wedding hosted by the Vanderbilts. In addition to the big screen costumes on display inside the house, Biltmore shares mementos from Vanderbilt and Cecil family weddings and special occasions at The Biltmore Legacy in Antler Hill Village. Admire the painstaking recreation of Cornelia Vanderbilt’s wedding gown worn in 1924 and see the wedding veil worn by Jackie O and Cornelia’s daughter-in-law. Photos taken on opening day, February 12.

Biltmore House Wedding Gowns
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Biltmore has been a location for countless weddings and romantic getaways since George and Edith Vanderbilt married in 1898. Journey through 300 years of wedding fashion from films set in the years 1645 to 1935. The gorgeous Breakfast Room is home to four costumes from Sense and Sensibility (1995).