There are several articles in the wedding web world addressing all the top wedding gifts; however, instead of trying to sell you on what we think you should buy, let’s chat a bit about your needs and wants!

It used to be the new couple moving in together after their big wedding day filled their new home or apartment with all the china, housewares, and appliances they received from all the wedding guests. In fact, I can’t help but think of the early seasons of the award winning series, Mad Men, when that good china was actually put to good use on a regular basis.  (The china that was passed on to me sees the light of day maybe once or twice a year, and that’s it!)

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Mad Men’s phenomenal ability to show changing times in our society makes us at GirlYouGotta ponder the changing seasons for modern couples and how these changes effect your needs and wants. According to “Cohabitation has increased by nearly 900 percent over the last 50 years. More and more, couples are testing the waters before diving into marriage. Census data from 2012 shows that 7.8 million couples are living together without walking down the aisle, compared to 2.9 million in 1996. And two-thirds of couples married in 2012 shared a home together for more than two years  before they ever waltzed down an aisle.”

It is only natural that one would assume from this data that the “registry of old” that included kitchen items and housewares would be useless for modern couples who have already moved in together and have combined their “stuff”.  So you tell us…are you registering for all those housewares, towels, salad bowls, tupperware, and maybe a bread maker?  Or do you have other things in mind? Maybe a dream honeymoon, cash, etc…





Image: Mad Men/AMC